An autonomous monitoring solution for securing the EU’s external border

Project Radio2S is being developed as a deployable full-scale border monitoring system for the early detection and prevention of illegal activities over the EU’s external border (air, sea, land, or river) where smugglers and traffickers use the latest radio transmission technologies for illegal transporting. Radio2S project has incorporated representative Law Enforcement Agencies from six European countries - Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Moldova, Bosnia and Hercegovina.

  • Enhanced device identification and localization

    Installed receivers can detect vast ranges of radio frequencies and provide localization of most radio emitting devices.

  • AI-enhanced radio emitters localization

    Embedded artificial intelligence technologies increase localization capabilities and improve RF signal analysis.

  • Advanced evidence collection

    An automated toolset for the collection of evidence and report delivery in accordance with the law for legal proceedings.

A complete external border surveillance system

Radio2S will develop new and innovative AI enhanced technologies for advanced and autonomous monitoring of borders and providing a legally compliant evidence collection toolset to strengthen EU's border control.

In addition, Radio2S will create a legal framework and new technological solution for those working on the EU’s external borders for the effortless deployment of our system. See a visualization of the project’s vision in the video bellow.

Scope and
technical goals

Radio2S project will demonstrate an innovative technology deployment in timely and cost-efficient manner on external border between EU, Russia and Belorussia and then beyond. Project will research and develop advanced technologies for sensing, detecting, and localizing of radio frequency emitting devices used for smuggling activities at the EU green borders therefore creating new scientific understanding.

Motivation and emphasis will be on technological solution within legal framework in terms of human rights regarding data privacy and free movement.

Project will create:

  • Fixed Location-Kit for permanent monitoring;
  • Transportable-Kit;
  • Dispatched unit for portable use by border guards for more precise RF signal geolocation detection.
  • An autonomous emitter detection and localization over multiple RF ranges capability
  • Improved RF signal analyzation capabilities in an embeddable AI system
  • Self-contained, scalable components from modularized multi-domain sensor applications
  • Alarm visualization over a C2 system to end users with a systems integration framework
  • An automated and streamlined collection of evidence and report deliveries toolset

from day one

Radio2S was developed out of a need expressed by the industry. Over the course of a year, it has been developed as a joint effort by LMT, the State Border Guard, and the Electronic Communications Office of Latvia – the local frequency regulators.

Project lead

November 2018

Latvian Border Guards expressed interest in radio monitoring solutions to help catch smugglers

Project lead

Our partners

For a call Horizon2020, SU-BES02-2018-2019-2020: Technologies to enhance border and external security

  • Law Enforcement Agencies7 partners— border guards from 6 European countries and Electronic Communication Office of Latvia
  • Industry4 partners – Mobile Network Operator, Radio frequency receivermanufacturers, ICT company
  • SME4 partners - Software component providers and law experts and radio frequency receiver manufacturers
  • Research institutions4 partners - Spectrum monitoring software, sensor data analysis, data fusion and law experts
  • Academia2 partners - Emitter localization and law scientists and experts
  • FI

    VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

  • EE

    Tallinn University of Technology

  • LV

    Latvijas Mobilais Telefons

    Smart IoT Riga

    Electronic Communication Office of Latvia

    Latvian Border Guards

  • LT

    Lithuanian Border Guards

  • PL


  • DE


  • AT

    Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

  • LU


  • FR



  • MD

    Moldova Border authority

  • RO

    General Inspectorate of the Romanian Border Police

  • BA

    Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • ES


  • IT

    Zanasi and Partners


  • EL


    Hellenic Police

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